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Check here for more information about our work.

We look forward to greatly clean and set up AIRBNB/Rental Host Property!

What’s done during an Airbnb set up:

-Standard Cleaning list 👇🏼

-Stove top
-Inside microwave, oven, fridge, dishwasher, cabinets, cupboards, drawers, etc.
-Store dishes and organize inside kitchen cabinets.
-Wipe off kitchen’s balcony, cabinets, tables, chairs and sink. 

-Properly Clean and Sanitize entire bathroom, including tubs, showers, toilets and sinks.

Living Room/Bedrooms:
-Dust/wipe off every reachable surface, including baseboards
-Vaccum/wipe couch, including underneath when necessary.

General tasks all over the property: 
-Shine all mirrors
-Vaccum and mop all floors (including carpets/rugs)
-Check underneath beds and furniture in general
-Take out the trash
-Check front entrance and backyard, making sure everything is good to receive guests
-Folding towels 
-Make all the beds nicely
-Check/Replace guest amenities
-Windows from inside

Eco friendly products are available upon request.

If you have any special request or anything else to be added on the cleaning checklist just let us know!

Some other services we provide along the cleaning itself:

-Full report of how guests left the house. If any issues or damages we report it right away that way we have time to fix it before next booking.

- If any supplies or amenities are running low we report right away (shopping those supplies can be added on our service upon request)

-You will receive photos after each cleaning is done

-Organization/Inventory of utensils 

-We can also provide some advices on how properly set up everything so you will be 100% ready to receive guests!

References from Landlords are available upon request! Check out our customer reviews on our social medias.

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